Beethoven Symphonien Nr. 2 und 7

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Client 2018

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The first two recordings in the Wiener Symphoniker’s Beethoven’s symphony cycle met with universal acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Now the third part, in the form of Symphonies No. 2 and 7, is being released under the orchestra’s in-house label distributed by Sony Music. The CD is part of the Wiener Symphoniker’s Road to Beethoven, a project to prepare for the year 2020, the 250th anniversary of the composer who is indelibly associated with Vienna and has become a towering father-figure for classical music. With Symphonies No. 2 and 7, the CD offers two works that Jordan considers to be among the composer’s most cheerful and melodic. “The Second is Beethoven’s most melodic symphony, a veritable cornucopia of melodies in each of the four movements. It’s true that Beethoven has a reputation of not exactly being the most melodic composer. But in the Second, he shows us in a quite special way just how he can sing. Beethoven has an amazing sense of humour too, and in the Second Symphony this comes through in a very positive and lyrical way. Geniality paired with incredible wit and surprising punchlines. The Seventh also radiates cheerfulness and joy, which is probably why it’s one of Beethoven’s most popular and frequently performed symphonies. His only symphony that isn’t striving towards something but simply is. A certain dancing quality is also an important aspect. In the Seventh, rhythm is emancipated. But right from the introduction, the symphony is melodic, like an invitation to a beautiful evening.”